Red Wine Monastrell DOP Jumilla – Aeródromo Ontur


Denominación de origen DOP Jumilla

Tipo de vino Red wine


Tasting notes

Nota de cata en vistaCherry red color with dark tones.

Nota de cata en narizExpressive and spicy.

Nota de cata en bocaEnveloping, intense, ripe acidity and long finish.

Grado alcohólicoAlcoholic level: 14,5%

Temperatura de servicioServing Temperature: 16º to 18ºC

Aeródromo wine comes from organic vineyards. The grapes are harvested by hand at optimum ripening conditions. On the same day of harvesting, it is taken to the winery to begin the winemaking process. The grapes are macerated and fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. Once malolactic fermentation is complete, the wine remains in the tank until it is bottled.

  • Quality red wine.
  • Goblet-trained vines, organically farmed.
  • From a single plot.

Features of Red Wine Monastrell DOP Jumilla – Ontur Aerodrome

  • The wine comes from a single plot, without blending, made with care. The grapes are harvested by hand and transported to the winery on the same day, where they are selected and crushed.
  • The cultivation of this plot is organic, by substituting chemical products (pesticides and fertilizers) with other permitted products.
  • Fertilization is done with organic matter from organic livestock and crop residues.
  • Weeding is done manually and with a tractor, without the use of pesticides.

The photo on the label of the bottle of our wine is our own plot, located at the foot of Cerro Gordo, Ontur (Albacete), Castilla La Mancha.

Food pairing for this wine DOP Jumilla

Accompany this red wine with PDO Jumilla with rice dishes, pasta, goat cheese, sausages, mushrooms, sauces…

Additional information

Weight 750 ml


Brand García Molina Wineries
Manufacturer García Molina Wineries
Name Aeródromo Ontur
Country of origin Spain
Known as Monastrell DOP Jumilla red wine
Product type Red wine

Find us in Ontur (Albacete - Spain)

Product information

Enjoy responsible consumption, accompanied by your loved ones and a good wine from Bodegas García Molina.
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