Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine – Cerro de las Perdices


Denominación de origen DOP Jumilla

Tipo de vino Red wine

Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting notes

Nota de cata en vistaIntense red color.

Nota de cata en narizIntense wine with aromas of currants, red fruits and aromatic herbs.

Nota de cata en bocaVelvety and round wine.

Grado alcohólicoAlcoholic level: 14%

Temperatura de servicioServing Temperature: 16º to 18ºC

This wine is of limited production and parceled. The grapes are harvested by hand at optimum ripening conditions. It is known as the king of the red varieties. On the same day of harvesting, the grapes are taken to the winery to begin the winemaking process. Cabernet Sauvignon “Cerro de las Perdices”. It has a clean, bright body with aromas of red currants, red fruits and aromatic herbs.

  • Great body.
  • Clean and bright.
  • Pairs well with red meats.

Cabernet Sauvignon Characteristics

Our Cabernet Sauvignon comes from a single plot. It is a grape characterized by an intense dark color, although it has some rather peculiar characteristics:

  • Small clusters: small, circular grapes with a rather dark bluish color.
  • Strong variety: a hardy grape type with medium-late budding. In addition to resisting strong gusts of wind.
  • Versatility, since it can change its aromas and qualities according to the maturation time. It all depends on the process and the resources used for it.
  • Young varieties: they provide an intense aromaticity. It is usually identified with a rougher mouthfeel, floral and herbaceous aftertaste, encompassing wilder flavors.

Pairing for this red wine

This type of grape, Cabernet Sauvignon, is a great companion to give an exquisite and delicate touch to a multitude of dishes. Preferably with red meats, although it goes very well with stews or grilled vegetables. Even with lamb, pâtés, game meats… All are wonderful options to enhance the wonders of this jewel originating from Bordeaux.

You can also succumb to the charms of Cabernet Sauvignon grape wines with some fatty cheese, nuts, almonds and salads. The latter, even better with more bitter leaves, such as endive, arugula or endive.

Additional information

Weight 750 ml


Brand García Molina Wineries
Manufacturer García Molina Wineries
Name Cerro de las Perdices
Country of origin Spain
Known as Ontur Red Wine
Product type Red wine

Find us in Ontur (Albacete - Spain)

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